DealGlobe Advisory

DealGlobe has an integrated team of investment banking professionals based in London, Shanghai and Beijing who advise its clients on China cross-border M&A and capital raising mandates.

On buyside mandates for Chinese clients, DealGlobe’s advice allows its clients to compete effectively in cross-border M&A. Chinese companies face a unique set of challenges when conducting M&A internationally. DealGlobe’s understanding of the Chinese business context, coupled with the global M&A experience of its London-based partners, enables DealGlobe to identify, communicate and, in many cases, directly address challenges early in any process, maximising a Chinese bidder’s chances of success.

On sellside mandates for Western clients, DealGlobe offers unparalleled access to credible Chinese acquirers and investors. DealGlobe can provide Western asset sellers and capital raisers with a direct channel to decision makers at Chinese listed companies, privately owned businesses, and private equity or venture capital firms. DealGlobe advises on the best way to present and market an investment opportunity to buyers in China through tailored Chinese-language materials, culturally sensitive presentations and targeted roadshows, to maximise interest from appropriate Chinese buyers and investors.

Beyond this, DealGlobe also advises on China inbound deals, providing buyside and sellside financial advisory services for joint venture creation and inbound asset acquisitions and investments.

DealGlobe Capital

DealGlobe acts as an investor with equity participation in selected transactions on which it advises. This approach allows DealGlobe to create better alignment with its clients and benefit from upside potential in fast-growing companies.

The focus of DealGlobe Capital’s business is the creation of efficient structures to enable Chinese clients to complete cross-border acquisitions and investments. This includes aggregating capital from several Chinese investors to allow them to acquire or invest in larger companies, or to allow Chinese investors to spread their risk across several different deals. Acting as general partner, DealGlobe manages the whole process from origination, negotiation, financing and closing, to post-acquisition value creation and eventual exit.

One of the key strengths of DealGlobe’s approach is post-deal value creation. DealGlobe selects only acquisition targets that have clear near-term opportunities to enhance value via a thoughtfully executed China strategy. Post-acquisition, with the help of DealGlobe’s Chinese network and with input from DealGlobe’s strategic Chinese limited partners, DealGlobe works closely with its investee companies to help them unlock value from China. DealGlobe constructs groups of complementary investors who each can bring strategic value in helping target companies capitalise on China opportunities.