Yumin Wang

Operations VP

Yumin Wang brings over 10 years of experience in M&A services, and leads the development and operation of DealGlobe’s M&A information software.

From 2007, Yumin worked at Mergermarket as an M&A consultant covering the mining and energy sectors, and then from 2008 covering state-owned enterprises and regulatory bodies. In 2009, Yumin was promoted to Mergermarket Asia Pacific Head of Mining & Energy. While at Mergermarket, Yumin also assisted the China Area Head in the running of certain products specifically targeting hedge funds and law firms.

In 2013, Yumin left Mergermarket to become Investment Director at Beidou EMC Investment, a fund backed by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology and by Brightstone Investment, focusing on investments in satellite navigation and renewable energy. Before joining DealGlobe, Yumin also spent time at Morningwhistle Group as the Head of the Analysis Department and at Cubetech Global Assets managing their East China office.